Working Together: Organisational Transactional Analysis and Business Performance

Mountain A and Davidson C (2011)

Reviewer: Professor D P Morris

This book and Organisational Transactional Analysis (TA) in the main is quite differed from other communicative methodologies inasmuch that the focus here is based upon the assumption of wellbeing as opposed to problems. The focus being; improving upon that which is already working as opposed to what is not.

TA is a discipline, the principal focus of which is to promote and provide all levels of the organisation effective communication. It considers development and change from the individual, the team, departments and organisational levels. It is apparent that the authors enthusiastically promote the idea that TA provides employees within the organisation differing alternatives on how to relate. The book by way of the author’s wide-ranging know-how of both TA and the world of business provides the reader with relevant current theory explained and diagrammatic presentations that show how effective communication can be both developed and maintained in tandem with decision making and strategic processes.

The books chapters are both informative and highly readable in terms of the workplace application of TA and provide a reliable resource for the organisational practitioner seeking ways and means of improving both productivity and the quality of relationships within the working environment. ‘Working Together’ will provide real added value information to individual employees, departmental heads, senior managers and business owners and leaders in supporting the nature and processes of ‘people’.

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