Diversity in the Workplace

Gröschl S (Ed), (2011)

Reviewer: Dr D O’Hare

The largest parts of the industrialised world are now more than ever subject to increased diversification in both populations and their respective labour markets. Whilst the cause(s) of this are multifarious there is a significance of similarity in the demands that business organisations face in light of the enhanced awareness of this Internally, In general businesses promote diversity and manage increasingly varied workforces, accommodating and integrating employees with differing values and belief systems, and thereby contest variant forms of discrimination resulting in both organisational and societal consequences. Externally, organisations are repeatedly compelled to react to and manage the demands of government at all levels, the consumer, and the various lobbying bodies seeking implementation of anti-discrimination policies and laws, all of which has led to increased demand for more suitable teaching programs particular at the higher levels and moves towards increased focus on diversity. This book provides the reader with a well-rounded response to the expanding interest in European diversity per se and the socio-politico debates applicable. The books contributory authors discuss and reflect on the concept of diversity in differing legal and social contexts including:

  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Organisational theory

This book provides a source of meaningful invitation to consider differing ideas with respect to the challenges business and organisations face in and around the subject matter. It is fair to state that generally the bulk of literature with respect to Diversity has been aligned to practice in the United States, however in this case the conceptual framework is European. The book will be of interest and use to students, academics, practitioners and researchers alike as it offers a detailed understanding of the management of workforce diversity, positive action initiatives and anti-discriminatory policy and practice in a broader perspective.

Dr Stefan Gröschl is both Associate Professor in the Management Department and Co-Chair of Diversity and Leadership at ESSEC International Business School in Paris. He gained his MSc and PhD at Oxford Brookes University UK and has been published widely in journals and conference proceedings and has contributed to three books.

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