Women in Management Worldwide Progress and Prospects

Davidson M. J. and Burke R. J. (2011)

Reviewer: Katy E. S. Burrows MA, MBA – Financial Consultant UK

This book provides the reader with a highly comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities facing women in the workforce on a world-wide-basis. It is quite reasonably argued that there is a ‘looming crisis’ in organisational leadership, with demographics and globalisation leading increasingly towards a ‘talent-war’ on an international scale. Against such a background, there exists a continuing bias against women seeking leadership responsibilities. This results in organisations continually failing to develop all available talent, and when these organisations encounter difficulties (primarily economic) the outcomes, more often than not, bear down heavily and disproportionately on women managers.

The book is particularly useful, and inclusive, because the authors positively recognise the trends and advances in both emerging and developed nations. Anyone who is interested (myself included) in understanding and appreciating the positive and negative impacts that shape the working lives of women around the world will view this book as an important addition to their libraries. Marilyn J. Davidson’s research interests include minority entrepreneurs; lesbian, gay and transsexuals in the workplace; women in management, gender pay gaps, occupational stress and gender differences, and diversity and equality in the workplace. Their findings confirm beyond doubt that the ‘glass ceiling’ is still very much in place as there were comparatively very few women directors or chief executives of large corporations, and very few at the highest tier of organisations in the private sector.

This second edition in examination of what has and has not changed; provides evidence that it is becoming increasingly more necessary to understand the norms, values and cultural issues impacting upon the progress or ‘otherwise’ of women in organisations.

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