A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management

Pullan P. and Murray-Webster R. (2011)

Despite the high degree of organisational expenditure on setting up risk processes and supporting tools and frameworks, they often ultimately fail to deliver the expected value. The inherent problem is that processes of rationality are unworkable when attempting to encourage groups to actually agree upon that which is risky, why it is risky, and importantly what to do about it. This book provides practical guidance on facilitating risk workshops, and making risk management happen outside of the workshop setting as well. The cartoons throughout work well as the emphasis is on practical guidance for getting things done without suffocating those who have to attend risk reviews.

This book sets out a practical approach to how the risk management process can deliver value through effective facilitation. It brings together Ruth Murray-Webster's expertise in the human aspects of risk and risk attitude and Penny Pullan's wide experience of the facilitation of project workshops.

Dr Penny Pullan is Director of Making Projects Work. Penny is a highly-qualified project manager, facilitator and trainer, with a broad experience both inside multinational companies and as an external consultant. Penny is experienced in facilitating risk workshops and equipping others to do so. See www.makingprojectswork.co.uk

Ruth Murray-Webster is Director of Lucidus Consulting Limited. Ruth is a highly-qualified and respected business consultant, with broad experience in managing organisational change in a cross-cultural context and across a wide range of sectors, and a particular interest in the human aspects of effective change management. She is co-author of two earlier Gower books, Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude and Managing Group Risk Attitude See www.lucidusconsulting.com

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