Professorial Endorsement

In my personal capacity as Chair of the International Professional Managers Association Quality Assurance Panel, it is a great pleasure and indeed a privilege for me to introduce The International Journal of Professional Management (IJPM). An international journal published for the promotion of academic research, practicing managerial comment and debate both in and around the wide and varied field of Professional Management. Current events unfolded and ensuing internationally, nationally, regional and local present both leaders and practicing managers with formidable challenges ahead. The phenomenon of globalization has brought with it great strides forward in the areas of technology and the internationalization of trade and commerce such that academics and practitioner managers alike have access and affiliation to an international dimension hitherto unforeseen in their respective histories.

It has become a rapidly accepted given that both leaders and managers are now compelled to give credence to the international impacts resulting from their respective decision making processes irrespective of locale. The cross communication processes available today and their speed in doing so present far-reaching opportunities. That opportunity now rightly grasped by International Professional Managers Association in presentation of this journal in promoting and enthusing both academics and practitioners to present and share their valuable knowledge and experience within a forum of immediate international accessibility. It is wished that this journal will quickly become a platform for interdisciplinary communication among scholars and practitioners in the related fields of professional management. International Professional Managers Association will publish the Journal’s Volumes yearly in quarterly issues. This will provide approximately thirty quality articles per year.

The journal has also set in train provision for ‘special editions’, which in my opinion is a consummate plus to any quality journal. Submitted papers will be subject to rigorous peer reviews before they are published. The journal is initially supported by a strong UK based assistant editorial team and an international editorial board. Their help will be essential to the maintenance of the quality of the journal. It is my firm belief that that editorial support will grow ever more rapidly as the journal roles out. On behalf of International Professional Managers Association, I hereby express my sincerest gratitude to all the editorial board members for their willingness to support this journal. I also want to thank the International Professional Managers Association Chief Executive Mr Mike Wooi who has most proactively proffered his personal and enthused support of this endeavor. Mike has been unflinching in continuing emergence and development of the journal. I further applaud the often-unsung work of my good friend and colleague Michael Dilcock in his supportive grasp of the publishing process in both hard copy and online Together we can all now confidently envisage that this journal arrived at and ensuing will contribute to the advancement of Professional Management from now on.

Professor Bob Haigh